About us


Churchill Academy is a school that specializes in delivering a curriculum to meet the educational needs of students living with learning disabilities. The school offers students who have been challenged by traditional learning environments the opportunity to receive the quality education and support they deserve.


  • Small student teacher ratio (typically 8:1)
  • A committed faculty of experienced educators
  • An individually tailored, student-centered approach to learning
  • A fresh start


Churchill Academy offers students the opportunity to succeed academically and socially by developing their self-confidence, and by providing the specialized, student-centered education they require to achieve their full potential.


  • To provide a supportive, specialized and positive educational alternative to students coping with learning disabilities.
  • To understand the specific educational needs of our students and to provide them with an individualized academic program suited to their unique learning style.
  • To nourish the academic and social development of all our students and to encourage a healthy appreciation for learning, mutual respect and community.
  • To serve as an advocate on issues relating to students with learning disabilities.


The Nova Scotia Department of Education Learning Outcomes Framework is the basis of our education program. When necessary, programs are modified to meet the specific learning needs of individual students. A Nova Scotia Department of Education certification is offered for grades 4-12.