Mourning The Loss - Sean O'Regan

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About us

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21 Sep Picture Day
21 Sep Parent Teacher Interviews
25 Sep Charity Golf Tournament (no school)

Looking for a small school committed to meeting the needs of students with learning challenges? Supporting children and teens from Grade 4 to Grade 12 is our specialty.

Consider Churchill Academy.

Our Mission

“Learning Success” lies at the core of our mission at CHURCHILL ACADEMY. We devote ourselves to helping students discover their unique ways of learning and we encourage them to advocate for themselves on their learning journey. Here students gain confidence in themselves and confidence in their ability to learn. Students find their wings at Churchill Academy and move on much better prepared for success in the next stage of their education and in life.

Consider CHURCHILL ACADEMY – the small school where students “find their wings.”

Latest Announcements

Pink Shirt Day

Our first Pink Shirt Day of the year will be held on Thursday, September 14th. Students are invited to show that they are taking a stand against bullying, by wearing a pink shirt. If not in pink, students are expected to wear their normal Churchill Academy uniform shirt.