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Many opportunities exist to support Churchill Academy. As a small independent school, we also depend upon the generosity of our supporters for assistance in renewing our facilities, providing financial aid, enhancing our programs, and meeting immediate needs.

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advancement priorities

Advancement Priorities

Soaring to New Heights Campaign – The Dream Classroom (Phase 1)

Our first project, the “Dream Classroom,” focuses on enhancing teaching and learning. Churchill Academy’s approach to individualized teaching and learning will be enhanced by improving the physical environment and updating and/or adding furniture and equipment meeting identified student and teacher needs. Contribute to our new campaign aimed at fully equipping classrooms of the future. Support us by giving to the SOARING TO NEW HEIGHTS Campaign in the coming year.

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Financial Aid / Bursaries

Student Diversity Fund (Dr. David Gass Memorial Fund)

Churchill Academy provides bursary funding and it is awarded to deserving students based upon demonstrable need. While parents at the Academy are generally expected to finance their children’s education to the extent they are able, bursaries are awarded, from time to time, to either attract or retain students for whom affordability of tuition may present problems. The Dr. David Gass Student Bursary is a monetary award applied to a student’s tuition fee at Churchill Academy. This bursary will be awarded to students from families from diverse communities who demonstrate genuine financial need.

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chester goluch

Program Enhancement

Creative Arts and Innovation ( Chester Goluch Memorial Fund)

Providing curriculum programs that motivate, engage and challenge students is an ongoing priority for our school. We are committed to expanding our arts programs above and beyond the core curriculum. Active learning and the development of new talents and skills requires an investment in the latest technology and resources to foster curiosity and encourage creativity.  You can contribute here by giving to the new Chester Goluch CREATIVE ARTS AND INNOVATION FUND. Our Letter of Appeal explains its purpose.

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Immediate Needs

Areas of Greatest Need Identified by the School

Small independent schools like Churchill Academy seem to always have immediate needs. Student tuition does not cover all of our needs and keeping the school in good condition requires regular upgrades, repairs, and better equipment. Our School Head and staff are never short of lists.  You can really help us by making a donation earmarked for “areas of greatest need.”

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