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Program Enhancement

Creative Arts and Innovation ( Chester Goluch Memorial Fund)

Churchill Board member Chester Goluch passed away on November 24, 2020, depriving us of one of our most creative thinkers. The founder and creative force behind Chester + Company was an “Ad Man” with creative genius who loved, lived and breathed the advertising business. Starting at big firms in Toronto, he is widely known in Nova Scotia for his work for Keith’s Brewery, N.S. Tourism, Eastlink and O’Regan’s. In recent years, he donated his time and talent to Churchill Academy.

Letter of Appeal – from Larry MacEachern

“As a former Chair of the Board of Governors of Churchill Academy, I am very familiar with the impact of the school. I have seen the transformation of students who attend. Many have turned away from school because they have not been successful in traditional learning environments. After a short time at Churchill Academy, they come to appreciate their unique learning style and how to apply it. Some students have creative talents waiting to be awakened.  That’s where you can help make a difference. 

We are blessed with a deep resource of caring teachers. Where we need assistance is in providing resources to offer programming beyond the core academic curriculum. Funds like the Chester Goluch Creative Arts and Innovation Fund will help us to diversify our program to help meet a wider range of needs and tap into new talents.”

Larry MacEachern, Halifax, former Chair, Churchill Academy.  

All donations to the Chester Goluch Memorial Fund go to Churchill Academy for the expressed purpose of enhancing programs in the creative arts and encouraging innovation.  Join Chester’s friends and associates in giving to this fund.  

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