High School Exams

With the school closed today, and with a large number of students already requiring their exams to be rescheduled from Wednesday and Thursday due to illness, we have made the following modifications to the exam schedule.

All of Friday’s exams will be written Monday, January 23rd. The day will function like a normal exam day, with exams starting at 9:00, and with students having the option to leave upon finishing their exams. 

These will be student’s A block, or first period exams. 

Our second semester will start on Tuesday, January 24th. Students who already had exams to make up from Wednesday, Thursday or both, will have the option to write their rescheduled exams after their A block exam Monday, OR on Tuesday, during class time.

For everyone not making up exams, Tuesday will be a normal class day.

First semester marks and report cards will be available as soon as possible, after student exams are completed, and you will be notified when they become available. 

Thank you for your understanding,