Parent Association News

That was another unique school year at Churchill Academy as we were all impacted again by COVID-19. Rising to meet the challenges, the CAPA team was determined to forge ahead, supporting our teachers, students, and the administration.

The school year started off like no other, with the welcome back barbecue cancelled due to COVID and students back in small pods to support social distancing. This was not what we hoped for but the teachers and administration worked incredibly hard to make sure we could start the year together.

We knew some of the normal CAPA fundraising and social activities could not take place this year, so we felt that investing in classroom experiences was a great way to have an impact. This started with the purchase of two large tent canopies to support the outdoor classrooms and other outdoor activities. CAPA was also able to purchase a high-end projector for one of the junior high classrooms, science lab equipment, a C-PEN for reading support, gift cards for
classroom supplies, and a full-sized ping pong table. We were also excited to support the amazing cooking classes with new kitchen equipment and grocery gift cards. Learning to cook is such a valuable skill and I know the students really enjoyed eating their class assignments!

The last major support CAPA was thrilled to provide this year was a special treat for each and every student at Churchill Academy as part of the COVID-safe year end celebration. The graduates were given a gift card to Dairy Queen for a graduation ice cream cake and the other students were given a gift card for a sweet treat.

The monthly CAPA meetings are still occurring via Zoom and although being together in person would be wonderful, the use of technology has allowed more people to join the meetings and participate. CAPA will continue with Zoom and when safe to do so, move to a hybrid model with both in person and online options for participation.

Looking ahead, the CAPA team is n need of additional volunteers and currently has openings on the executive team. Filling these roles is a key step to continued growth. Mike Tobin, our teacher liaison, was a huge asset to the CAPA community and we thank him for his dedication.

This year CAPA has made significant strides with incorporating technology across all areas including online volunteer registration, online wreath ordering, online banking, and electronic funds transfer for payments among other things. These changes will have a continued positive impact on the CAPA team members, teachers and parents as well as allowing for more flexibility and financial accuracy.

With the multiple lockdowns, homeschool and distancing requirements, the two fundraisers CAPA hosted were the annual Christmas wreath sales and a Wine & more Survivor. These were both well supported by the Churchill Family and CAPA team. CAPA ended the school year with $3,903.73 in the bank and was able to generate enough revenue that even with many of the traditional fundraisers not in place, we are almost in the same financial place as last year with a small difference of less than $300, after having spent $4000 on Churchill.

Churchill Academy is a unique place that fosters and supports the growth of amazing children and their families and the CAPA team are inspired by and lucky to be part of the Churchill family. Our Churchill Family is resilient and seeing how hard everyone worked to keep the children learning and safe, is remarkable.